It seems that when power is cut to my pi schedules stop working even though when power is resumed the system is up and running I have to manually input on off commands answer scrap the schedule and start again is there a fix for this please

Hi @dar_c,

Are you saying that scheduled events that don’t affect sensors or actuators on that Pi are not working when it’s powered off? That part I would expect since we have no way to interact with them.

Or is the issue that events aren’t working that affect sensors on that Pi when it comes back on? If that’s the case could you let me know the nature of the events so I can try to reproduce on our end?

It’s OK thank you for your quick reply ,it seems daylight savings hasn’t kicked in even though I’ve altered the clock on pi it’s OK now though thanks again. Daryl

1 other thing though, when power fails and then resumes is there a way for my two relays to resume state from before power fail, it seems the system resets and requires a manual relay on/off.thanks

I’m having the same issue. I am triggering 2 relays to power lights as a scheduled event. If there is a power outage and RPI restarts, the lights remain off until next schedule.