Trigger Notification and Delayed SMS receipt

I struggle putting this as a Bug or Suggestion - please categorize as deemed necessary

I have a RasPI3 with 2 temp sensors installed; 1 for the internal freezer temperature and 1 for the ambient temperature If the freezer gets warmer than -2 Fahrenheit then I get a TXT

Last trigger event was 8/24 at 8:37am; today is 8/29 and I just got a trigger notification at 1:25 PM

What I believe happened is that the SMS message was hung in the VZW cloud and just found it’s way out… I only say that because VZW delivery is spotty at best but in reality the SMS delay could have happened anywhere in the workflow.

It would be nice to have the message payload carry the details (This trigger was generated at 8:37am on 8/24, or something like that)

That won’t solve delays in SMS processing (once they leave your controlled environment) but will give additional data to the end user on when the trigger as actually generated.

Going forward I am going to double notify (e-mail AND SMS, and maybe even twitter as Tertiary) as a backup to the delivery mechanism.

As a side note, I bought a PI to make this freezer gadget an knew nothing coming into this. Fearing having to learn Python and Linux (coming from a technical but Windows base environment) i was a bit put-off. Cayenne has made this incredibly easy. Well done guys

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This is a good suggestion (to have the message contain it’s generation timestamp, to avoid ambiguity) which I’m going offer to the team internally. Thank you. We already have this feature for our scheduler events.

As far as your double-notification strategy, let me know if you ever see a case where the email notification also is coming late, because that would implicate the systems on our end which generate the notifications rather than something farther down the road in SMS delivery. I know that email can be delayed as well but this is rare and unexpected compared to SMS delays.

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