Shceduler troubleshooting

Before I start explaining my problem i would like to state that I’m using ESP8266-01 GPIO-0 and GPIO-2 to read a DS18B20 for temp input and use a relay as output. I’m using online dashboard via Chrome browser. And I’ve programmed ESP8266 with Arduino’s IDE. Also I am not using ESP8266 with MQTT protocol but as an Arduino connected device via WiFi. My schematics and code works fine since i have temp readings on my dashboard and i can turn on-off my relay.
I have tryied for 3 days now to set up my scheduler but it seems that it doesn’t work. Almost one month ago, more or less, my triggers didn’t work even this problem was solved with the cayenne update my scheduler stopped working :confused:

I have tried to set up the time both to Greek(+2H) time and to UTC(+0H) but nothing seems to be working. I would like to request someone to check this matter of mine.

Best regards, Kostas.

We are totally refactoring our scheduler engine, and it will be released soon :slight_smile: So, hang in there are stay tuned for the release. I’ll update this thread when we release the new scheduler. Sorry about that.



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I have almost same problems with scheduler. Although one relay i have is turned on everyday @ 09:20 in the morning,it never switches off. Also problems with trigger functionality in general. I have a sonar sensor to detect water level in the tank and although it sends an email when level reaches 20% (but not sms- greece is not supported?), i have created a trigger to open an relay (sometimes it works, sometimes is not), when the relay triggers on, then the corresponding trigger to switch off the relay (when water level reaches 60%) nevers works.

Best Regards

Hello @ufrtgr

We’re aware that we’ve had a lot of performance issues and bugs with the Scheduler, and for that reason we took to re-writing a new one from scratch, which we released last night (in USA time)! In fact just hours before you made your post, and we haven’t even officially announced it yet, we wanted to do some last minute sanity checking before alerting the community, but you’re now the first :slight_smile:

I’m mentioning this because I want to ask if you’ve had a chance to try the scheduler since your post – if your events are still not firing when you expect we definitely want to know about it so we can squash any issues with this new scheduler code.

As far as triggers, we’ll be pushing another update later this week to improve performance and stability here. I’ll be announcing it in the Announcments category as soon as it’s live, and I’ll try to remember to update here as well.

Wonderful, seeing sharing option now!!!


Dear rsiegel,
First of all, i would like to congratulate you and your team for your product and the effort you are putting to make Cayenne a better product.

Its nice to test new things first so i will try to do some tests and observe their functionality. Before my post the schedule functionality was not fully functional. For example i have a relay board which i scheduled to turn on everyday at 9:30 in the morning and turn off at 10:25. The turn off functionality never works. Also i am not able to create a trigger from a computer’s webpage, only from mobile. I am not able to drag any devices to the if then statement.

Another thing i have observed lately is that when i log on to cayenne it takes more time to load the boards i have connected and some times some boards are shown offline or disconnected from cayenne, although if i do a ping in my local network they respond without any packet loss.

Also i would like to know if there is any version of cayenne which has more features, more commercial-business style, etc.

Thank you

Michalis Trantas
Electrical & Computer Engineer, MSc

Hi again,
Can you modify the scheduler to enable us to choose which day a scheduler will run, If for example i need the schedule to run Monday, Tuesday and Friday only?


Hi @ufrtgr,

I’ll try to address each of your comments in this post, please let me know if I miss anything.

As far running the scheduler on only specific days, this isn’t available in the UI right now but seems like a sensible feature request for a scheduling engine, I’ll log it as a future improvement. In the meantime, it may be a little unwieldy, but you could accomplish this by creating a series of ‘Every Week’ recurring events, one for each day you need to run the scheduler event.

Continuing with the scheduler, since it sounds like your test is from older than the last ~48 hours, can I ask if this behavior has changed at all since we released the new scheduler (late Tuesday, USA time)? If it has not, could you try deleting and re-creating it now that we have the new scheduler engine in place? This shouldn’t be explicitly necessary – we’ve ported existing events from the old system – but I’d be curious if it changes things (and if it was necessary in the first place).

As far as trigger creation, I think you’re just running into a gotcha in our UI, one we’ll be improving soon. Right now on the web it is necessary to drag the parent device for the sensor or actuator you want to trigger into the ‘IF’ box, which will then produce a dropdown menu where you can select the specific sensor/actuator. You can’t drag the sensors or actuators themselves directly.

I don’t have an immediate answer for the bit about the increased load time or the boards showing disconnected. I am curious what the type and connection method for these devices are (and number), since we are aware of some slowdown caused by many (non-MQTT connected) Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos on the same account.

Finally, with regard to your last question – we have been doing some custom work (white labeling, custom dashboards, specific features) for enterprise customers. For more detail on this I would point you to who should be better equipped to answer specific questions if you let them know a little about your business case and what you’re looking for Cayenne to do for you.

I did want to let you know that in our last update (the same one with the new scheduling engine), we soft-launched a Beta REST API that you can use to make custom web/mobile applications using Cayenne for the core logic and IoT connectivity. It’s hidden from the Cayenne UI during this initial soft launch but anyone reading this is welcome to look at it, we’d be very much interested in your thoughts and feedback. (you’ll need to be logged in to access it)

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Just tested the new scheduler on Wemos D1 and ran through a few on/off timed events without problem. I first deleted the old ones and started with new ones.
Awesome, you made my day!


This is excellent news, thanks for letting us know, and be sure to let us know if you suspect anything goes wrong in the future.

@k.ifantidis, Just wanted to alert you to this thread to let you know the new scheduler is in place, if you want to give your project another shot with this one.

Hi @rsiegel,

Dont know the extent of the release, but the scheduler still not working in Australia. I have deleted my old events and created new ones , from a pc and mobile still no avail.

I am using esp8266.

It didn’t even work once for me unfortunately.


Hi @soubir – do whatever actions you’re looking for the scheduler to take work when you try them manually from the web/mobile dashboards?

Perhaps you could let us know a little bit about them as well so we can attempt to reproduce – is the ESP8266 continuously online in your project?

Nodemcu board is working too. Tested it for a day with some recurring events (use it to drive 433 MHz power switches).

I would also like to post that I’m having problems with scheduling also. i have an arduino mega with shield w5100 connected to the Internet, everything manually works perfect, but no schedule works, on the same Internet connection i also have a raspberry pi with scheduling rules and everything works well. do i need to add a clock on the arduino mega or should i use only the settings in cayenne dashboard?
thanks in advance.

Eric - Rome Italy

Hi @rsiegel

1. Scheduling
I deleted all my schedules and recreated them again. Unfortunately some of them work some don’t.
2. Triggers
Yes i managed to create a trigger from desktop. Thanks
3. Disconnecting Boards
I will show some screen shots, where some boards are alive in my network, actually i run a ping to them and they reply, in the dashboard are offline.

Board Name - Ip Address
Arduino Uno -
NodeMCU 12E -
Κήπος -
Ταράτσα -

I have also tried the scheduler for 2 devices on 2 different arduino, early today, I deleted the old schedule and re input it. Both schedule do not work.

Thank you.

Hi @njueric,

You shouldn’t need any sort of clock on the Arduino, the scheduler logic runs on our server and sends the actuator commands to your Arduino at the time of the event.

@ufrtgr, @ismail.hirawan, (and @njueric)

I’m curious if you could add an email notification to each of the events that failing for you (if you have not already). This is a good troubleshooting step to see if our server is at least attempting to send the command to fire the event, since it will send these emails at the event time regardless of any wiring/power/connectivity issues. If we’re not even sending those emails at the time the scheduled action should be occuring, it must be something on our side. If the emails are coming but there is no action on the Arduino, it could be a power or connectivity issue.

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As far as the disconnecting boards, could you share the code running on them and their serial monitor output? More than a small use of the delay() statement for example can cause the code that maintains a connection to our Arduino servers to time out.

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I have turn on the email notification for each events that failed (Total 3 events from 2 ardionos. all events in Arduino failed), and there is no email notification in my inbox for all the events (Total 3 events from 2 arduinos), so I guess your server did not send the commend to fire the events?

Sounds like it. Could you share with me the detail on these events? Even a screenshot of their settings would do (you can obscure your email address). I’d like to try to reproduce with the same devices and hardware, or as close as possible.

Also, to be sure – you can manually interact with whatever widgets these scheduler entries are interacting with OK? (for example if you’re trying to schedule a relay, you can manually operate it with the dashboard widget?)