Scheduler, time, widget name and other bugs


Arduino Yun, Dashboard, iPhone App, Android App.

  1. Scheduler does not work. I’ve set it to switch relay twice a day with notification by email. Emails are sent correctly, relay has not switched. Manual switching in dashboard work just fine.
  2. I’ve set scheduler to run every day at 2:13 PM in dashboard. If I open ListView for scheduling I see “14:13 PM”.
  3. On Android the same schedule shows 15:13!
  4. I’ve set Name1 for relay in the dashboard, then set Name2 for the same relay in Android App and then a Name3 in iPhone App. Now I have different names in different places. They do not sync correctly even if I refresh and reload devices.
  5. I have a DS18B20 sensor and write the log of values to serial monitor. When I compare this set with extracted data from the graph I see that the graph has some incorrect values.
    For example I have all values near 21.8 Celsius. But at 13:00:00 the graph shows 21.6, which was not sent to Cayenne. What does it mean?

Upd: at 15:00:00 I had the same issue as described in 5.:
22.68517397 DS18B20 1 3/30/2017 14:57
22.67154349 DS18B20 1 3/30/2017 14:58
22.66813587 DS18B20 1 3/30/2017 14:59
22.44870115 DS18B20 1 3/30/2017 15:00 <=========
22.73284466 DS18B20 1 3/30/2017 15:01
22.73021116 DS18B20 1 3/30/2017 15:02
22.74010558 DS18B20 1 3/30/2017 15:03


Hi @dsitnikov,

The scheduler is having issues that are being looked at right now.

For the missing measurements, the CAYENNE_OUT() functions are only being requested at a periodic rate (longer than 1 second), so you may not get all the measurements.




Hi @dsitnikov, thank you for your feedback!

You’ve touched on a number of number the more impactful issues we have with Cayenne at the moment. Our Arduino scheduler has a lot of bugs, and we’ve made the decision to refactor it and replace it with new code rather than continue with individual bugfixes, which are sometimes causing some other unexpected issue. While you’ll likely need to wait for that update, I am interested in making sure I understand the exact bug here so I can verify it is not a problem once we have the new scheduler engine completed. To that end, could you let me know:

  • Which time zone was selected when created the event, and if you selected ‘Default Browser Timezone’, what time zone you are in.
  • Was the event originally created on Android, iOS or web, and do the time zones between your devices all match?
  • If you remember roughly the day that you created the event, so we can see if the US or EU seasonal time changes

There are a number of open issues on sync between mobile and web that we’re still trying to iron out, so this will improve in the future as well. For now, a good bit to know is that Force Closing and re-opening the iOS app will force a refresh of all data from our server, and on Android you need only back out to the device list and then select a device. On the web you can of course refresh your browser. On none of these platforms should you have to do to these steps, but they can help work around some of the sync bugs until we’ve begun squashing them.


Hi Craig,
I do not need to get all the measurements. I meant that Arduino sends some data series, but Cayenne shows me values, which were not sent by Arduino. Look at the picture:

At 15:00:00 there is a value which was not sent by Arduino and this may cause to unwanted switch of relay, for example. Similar ejection I had at 13:00:00
Note, that they occurred at a round hour!


I’ve selected Default Browser TimeZone.

I’ve created events in the dashboard (browser). I’ve checked timezones. They are the same on browser and iphone (GMT+3) Moscow, bit on Android it is GMT+4, although it is set to default time zone of operator and it is also Moscow )) Looks like a bug in Android or in mobile operator.

They were created at 29-30 March.


Upd. I’ve corrected timezone on Android and now it shows scheduled time correctly. Thank you!


Glad to hear it. Please keep an eye on our Announcements category where there will be release notes when some of the other bugs you’ve touched on in this thread have been addressed by fixes on our server side.