Scheduling not turning off LED/GPIO Pin


Scheduling fails to turn off my LED that I have hooked using a GPIO pin. It is sending me an email when it runs. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 running Rasbian and the 4.4 Kernel. I can turn the LED on and off from the dashboard but when I set it to trigger at a specific time it doesn’t work.


Have you checked for interruption of the Internet connection to the device ?


Yes. Doesn’t seem to be a problem as I can activate and deactivate the LED from the dashboard without a problem
I’ve also restarted the PI


If you use the command date on the pi does it display the time you are expecting?


Good catch, the issue was one my end. Due to my Pi not connecting to the NTP servers automatically (Still working on that, it’s complicated) my Pi was not on the right time. What’s interesting is that I set the time manually but was off by a minute but the notification was sent at the right time and the LED changed at the Pi time.
Thanks for your help.


Sorry I forgot to reply to this. You got your notification at the right time because that part is handled by the Cayenne servers. Your LED did not change at the same time because schedules are handled locally on the Pi using cron which uses the time local to the Pi.