Very Simple schedule don't turn off Light (LED)


I have connected Arduino Uno with W5100 Ethernet shield.
I have connected LED+ Resisitor to GND + PIN D8 and added simple “Light Switch”.

When I click it it works super :wink:

So next step I have setup a simple schedule to turn it On and Off after 1 minute.
LED has turned On, but after 60 sec It didn’t turned Off.

My schedule looks like this:

I have checked dates and time at least twice.

  • Device & model you are using (Arduino Uno with W5100 ethernet shield)
  • What dashboard are you using? (Web)

Is there any special order of adding schedule tasks?
I have tried different configurations and it always turns On, but doesn’t turn Off.

PS Schedule could be more “cron style” It would take much less space…

Scheduler program works only once

Hi @mikolaj, Welcome to the Cayenne Community.

We did a major backend push last week and this appears to have broken Arduino Scheduler Events. We’re making a change in the next few hours that should fix this bug. My apologies for the confusion.

I’ll update here as soon as the fix is in place so you can try again.


No problem. I feel I can help testing this platform because it looks good :slight_smile:

Of course I have a lot of ideas but for now I’ll try to use all you have
done so far :)))

20 lut 2017 21:37 “Rsiegel” napisał(a):


Exactly the same happens to me with an esp 8266-01. Apparently the shipping schedule does not work properly.


the same thing happened to me on my Arduino + Ethernet Shield, schedules do not work.


Hi @ismail.hirawan, @manrobles

Can you let us know a little more specifics about your scheduled events like what was posted in the first post of this thread?

The ‘broken’ scheduler I mentioned a couple days ago did have it’s fix pushed, but I suspect it’s still at least partially broken. Specifically because I can reproduce exactly what @mikolaj has shown here – a LED will come ON, but then not OFF the next minute.

I’m curious if you two are having issues with the 2nd of two very closely scheduled events not firing, or if it’s just a more generalize failure of the scheduler for you?


De hecho Reigel los problemas actuales que tengo son: 1) Aplicación no funciona de un androide, pero si funciona desde el PC de escritorio. La página de error al cargar reponde 2) En el orden del día de un Arduino (esp8266) funciona bien encendido pero no se apaga a la hora programada. He intentado cambiar el dispositivo de salida como relé, la luz o genérico y el problema persiste. Lamento los errores de lenguaje. Estoy usando Google Translate. Gracias


No worries @manrobles,

The good news is that we’re reproducing both of these issues now. As mentioned in the other thread, the Android issues with ‘error loading’ / ‘server error’ / blank Arduino dashboard are fixed in a development build and we’ll have an update out ASAP.

The scheduler bug needs some developer investigation, but we can reproduce now in house, which is a big step on the way to squashing it.


When can we see the update?


I still don’t have a specific date for this one, I’m sorry.

We’re trying to be more transparent about what we’re working on here, so we made this thread which will certainly have updates before an actual release, and where you can see what we’re currently working on, what’s next, etc.


@mikolaj (or anyone else reading)

We are nearing a point where we should have a new Arduino scheduler available to test on a development server. To that end, I’m looking for beta testers who would be interested in seeing this Arduino scheduler early. There is nothing formal you’d have to do to test it, just use Cayenne as usual while connected to a non-production server, and report any feedback or issues you might run into.

If you are interested in this, please let me know either here or via forum Private Message, and I’ll add you to the beta list and contact you when we have something ready to test.


Hi @mikolaj @manrobles @ismail.hirawan ,

Wanted to let you know that we’ve released a new scheduler that should be more reliable than previous. If you have a little bit of time, would be really helpful if you could test it out and confirm that is working for you.

You can read the full release notes here: