SD card initial set up copy


Hello, I was wondering if anyone has setup an SD card with the the Raspian image and copied it for use with multiple RaspberryPi’s for the initial setup part, WiFi Country, localization etc.


i am not sure any one has done this. why you want to do it?


Mostly just to save setup steps when initialy configuring the Raspian setup. I have 8 RaspberryPis running the old agent that need upgraded.


i guess you have to do it manual one by one.


It’s really out of date now, but you can use this script to get some of the things you want Jessie Full Unattended New Image Setup Script I would suggest looking at the github page and get the commands you need.


nice @adam . i had not seen this. Thank you for linking it here.:slightly_smiling_face:


A lot of that script is baked in to stretch now. The big pain back in the day was that it didn’t auto expand the partition. The rest was just things that are nice to specify as part of the setup and just let it blast through everything. I have updated my OS setup scripts so I need to just update that post to match.