Bug Filed on 02-01-2016: Unable to install. System reboots after install, but nothing ever changes on myDevices

Fresh install of RPI zero of raspbian jessie. apt-get update && apt-get upgrade.

Wget package and install per instructions. Goes to the step-3 page and sits on the Installing Libraries then Agent. System reboots, and nothing every happens. Just sits on Installing agent on the webpage. I have ran the script about 5 times, always the same. Formatted my SD and started over clean and same issue.

I don’t think the new client reboots if I remember correctly. I would try to start over and generate a new installer.

I’m not really able to start over with a new installer. Unfortunately I can’t get to that page, any time I log in to my account if auto redirects me to the “Step 3” page of my last install where it just says waiting for agent to install. I can find no way to cancel this, so I can’t start over it appears until this install finishes… Was really hoping to be able to use this for all of my pi’s, but at this point I am 3 hours in, and can’t do anything.

Hi Dancash,

Yikes, sorry about the struggles. Admittedly, we haven’t been able to do much testing with the Pi Zero, as we are still back ordered.

You can run the install command again (sudo sh rpi_xxxxxxxx) which should restart the install. Looks like you already did it. Do you think you can PM me your account details and I can have our team take a look?

P.S. @ats1080s we only recently implemented an automatic restart upon install (since it was needed anyway, we figured we’ll just do it for you)


Good Day - Fresh install of Jessie on Raspberry Pi 2 - Reboots and does not install - I seem to have the same issue.

Did you use the full or lite jesse image? I think I traced my problem to that version.

EDIT: Don’t think I was clear, I had issues with the lite version.

We’ve had issues with the Lite version as well in the past, so we recommend using the full Jessie image.

I am having the same issues above and am running the lite version.

Might be a good disclaimer in the tutorial.

Agreed. To clarify, you mean the tutorial video when first installing Cayenne from a computer?


Sure or on this page where you link to the Raspbian images: - Cayenne

Thanks for letting us know! Since this has come up several times, we’ll get a quick change in place. I’ll update this thread when the change is implemented.


Not a problem - keep up the good work.

I downloaded the full version of Jessie from the Raspberry site. The web interface during Cayenne installation shows that it is the lite version. I then downloaded the full version of Wheezy from the Raspberry site. The web interface during Cayenne installation shows that it is the lite version. Any suggestions?

Did a “sudo apt-get update” then “sudo apt-get upgrade” then “sudo apt-get update” and still getting “Raspian Jessie Lite is currently not supported”.

Hi there!

Are you talking about this screen?

If so, the text “Raspbian Jessie Lite is currently not supported” is just text. We aren’t actually detecting what OS you have installed. If you click “Next”, you should be able to proceed with installation.


@drunet @dancash04 @Old_Man Hey guys, just wanted to update this thread and let you know that we added some text in the install process that Jessie Lite is not supported. See image attached (above).



@drunet @dancash04 @Old_Man Hey guys, I’m going to resolve this thread…thank you for letting us know about this! You are saving frustration of future users :slight_smile: and contributing to making Cayenne better!