Suggest Pathway - Level starting field


  • How about a summary (by now) of recommended hardware, OS and versions of Pi tested so far. I have a B, B+ and a Pi 2 in parallel and am not sure if some issues are that I am just expecting too much from a Pi B with a sluggish SD card etc… Nothing like pushing limits aand speed of old dogs, but… could I be wasting time here ?

I would recommend to save the team some time that the optimum set-up would start the above path from a fresh (SD) Format followed by a clean OS install then update/grade.

  • I think a recommended OS and or quick technical summary or Rasparian versus Jessie ?
  • I think between the lines also a starting out path would recommended settings for sudo raspi-config (some may or may not be aware of this)
  • Also sudo apt-get update / upgrade procedure and reasoning for those not familiar
  • And the video was Great thanks. A few more of how the add device process is supposed to be used and ‘expected’ responses would be invaluable for me… Other beginners a little bit in the dark…

This is FUN. Hope you got some sleep !
Keep it up

~ Andrew
(Opunake NZ)

Hey Andrew,

Great suggestion about the summary. Plan to get this out in very near future. Admittedly, we have been focusing most testing on RPi 2 since we figure it’s most popular…

Plan to make video on add device process (and others) in future as well. We also have on-screen overlays (pointing out where everything is on the website) that are being worked on, which should also point users in right direction initially.

This is fun for us too to get such good involvement from community members like you…sleep has been a luxury lately, I’ll try :wink:


Staying with the Pi2 from now on
~ Andrew