Second device of the same type



I may have missed the information, but I haven’t found an answer on the forum. Why can’t I add a second LoRa device of the same type? I have 2 Laird RS1xx devices. I use TTN servers. Are there any limitations on the MyDevices platform?



you can any number of device of same type but each device should have a unique DevEUI.


Thank you for your answer but I still have a problem. Devices have two different DevEUI : 0025CA0A00003E5F and second 0025CA0A00005369 . After entering the second dev, the Add device button remains inactive. Interestingly, I can add a device if I change it to a similar one e.g. Laird RM1xx Series. The sensors in both devices are the same, so it partially solves the problem. But this is a trick :frowning:


can you share a screenshot of the dashboard when you get the inactive button.


Sorry for the large size of the pictures. The first one is the already registered device. On the second one, the green button is clearly inactive.


can you PM me your email_id