Unable to create LoRa ThingsNetwork device

  • Device : Bosch XDK110

  • Web dashboard is used

  • Unable to create LoRa ThingsNetwork Device in Cayenne - Cayenne. Though device UI is unique and no device is existing in this cayenne account, i am unable to create device with following error.

Please fix the following errors: Conflict

Do you already have this device registered on your account? If so delete it and it should work. If not @shramik_salgaonkar should be able to help you remove it from wherever it’s being used.

Can you wait for some time and try again. if you are still having the issue, private message me your DevEUI.


I had a Bosch XDK110 device with different device EUI already registered. That was working.
When i tried to register a new XDK110 device with unique device EUI (different from previous), i get the mentioned “conflict” error.

I deleted the old device and still error persists.

After waiting for a day also, registration does not succeed.

Also the error is not informative, since it does not show which field causes this error!

let me check what is the issue.