Serial communication between two arduinos via cayenne

i have lots of number of sensors,so want to do serial comunication between two arduinos, in which one act as master and other act as slave…so sensor will divided and workload gets decreased.master will be connected to the cayenne and transfer all the sensor data to the dashboard.

it can be possible through cayenne???

Sure! If you use virtual pins you can send any numerical value back to Cayenne.


As @adam suggests, just roll with two Arduinos, then use the little used Project dashboard and display all your sensors from different boards on that dashboard.

No need to get fancy with a master slave arrangement.



Actually I was suggesting that he use it the way he posted and then upload the values recieved as a virtual pin. It does make a lot more sense to just install cayenne on all of them and then create a project page, as long as that’s an option.