Compatibility with Arduino Serial pins

Thanks for this excellent contribution, I have tried its tool and this excellent! Would be very good, including how to read and write a serial port, this would add a very interesting compatibility with other devices or systems

Hey @daniel3514, thanks for joining the Cayenne community, and for your suggestion.

Out of curiosity, can you share some of the use cases you have envisioned for serial communication + Cayenne? I’d like to get some examples of what could be accomplished with this sort of interaction to go along with your suggestion in our system.

of course! Communicating Cayenne with a serial port will allow the interconnection of devices or more complex systems that are not considered within your system, even arduinos programmed by the users that perform tasks more complex and specific, that connect with other devices, examples would be some:

  • specific lighting controls such as DMX or SPI
  • intercom with LCD, GLCD or TFT screens to display information from and to Cayenne
  • the sending and transmission of more specific messages to other devices that make decisions
  • irDa control for remote control devices
  • control of other devices with Johnny-Five
  • control and monitoring of several connected devices in an RS-485 network
  • control of robots and very specific functions
  • integration of a GPS
  • Integration with other boards that are not supported now

Integrate cayenne with communications of the plates, opens a world of possibilities …