SERIOUS issue, buttons suddenly turn into temperature widgets?

Raspberry Pi 3
Raspbian Lite
Stable board and OS for 7+ months in production env
Cayenne has been stable all this time and nobody changed anything under the hood. Suddenly, one of my four pi nodes has changed GPIO buttons into what appear to be analog measurements like temp sensors. it did this for the first time the other day, and I manually went through and reset all the buttons by choosing “button” and the appropriate GPIO port. Doing that at the time resolve the issue. Suddenly today, this has happened again, again without any user interaction to cause it.

The pi that’s affected here has been running stably, has not been logged into, and has had nothing changed. Other similar devices on the same network doing similar jobs, also managed by cayenne, have NOT been affected

i’ve attached a screenshot from the app showing at the very top two rows of buttons that are no longer buttons.

although we were able to resolve the missing functionality normally supplied by cayenne locally, we’ve been edging closer to cayenne as a final solution platform for user input, but this sudden change is not just disruptive, it’s absolutely cataclysmic. at the very least, we need to know why this occurred to prevent it from happening again.

When i go in to ‘fix’ the broken buttons, this is what i see, without my changing anything. Note that several fields that were populated yesterday are no longer populated.

Final update of info for this issue. this is the sequence of screenshots to show the process of “fixing” the broken button that has become a weird analog sensor:

Note that “choose widget” is unpopulated:

“Button” is the only option (correctly so):

Choosing “button” and then saving is successful:

Returning to the main dash for the device, button is still broken:

Back to device list and then straight into the device, button now works:

I had to do this the other day, and the changes stuck for at least a couple days. Now this evening, I find them broken again. I eagerly await the community’s input! :wink:

Hi @cayenne5,

Sorry about this. We have not seen this before to be honest.

Couple questions, how did you add the widgets? Through the web dashboard or through the iOS mobile app?

Also if possible to PM me your credentials I can have my team look into the issue, always best to view the issue in real time…


No worries. We wouldn’t be using beta(ish) platforms if we didn’t expect to work for it a bit :wink:

The widgets were added with the webui when I first signed up.

I’ll send over the creds for this account so you can take a look.
My only real concern is that actuating the buttons WILL have real-world consequences, so please contact me FIRST before doing that, so I can put that node into a lockout mode.

Very eager to hear your thoughts after peering into the backend :smiley:

Getting information for @bestes just now, I opened the UI in Safari on a mac laptop. Between my prev post and this one, I had re-set the buttons as “button” in the app and used them with success. Now suddenly, safari shows the same ‘break’ as was visible on the phone before the fix:

Additionally, the icon for “lock off” - which had been a Key, is now blank. “clicking” on the not-buttons does nothing real-world.

second team member has a totally different view of the same dashboard, with DIFFERENT buttons broken:

Sorry for the nearly-continuous stream of updates, just trying to be a diligent-debugger, and this issue keeps evolving as I try to work around it.

I can reset these ‘broken’ buttons easily in the iOS app by clicking the gear, then simply setting the widget type to “button” from null. Every time that fixes it. But tonight i opened the web ui in safari, and beheld this, instead:

There is no fixing that.

However, hopping back into the iOS app, I was able to quickly use the same consistent ‘repair’ steps to resolve the Fan switch:

There’s got to be something funky under the hood causing this.

Surprised after the excellent support thus far from Cayenne to not have heard anything on this in a week.

I’ve did an automated removal of Cayenne from the affected nodes, but that did not resolve the problem. After a second removal, the buttons and previous sensors disappeared - I was then able to add new buttons that, thus far, haven’t gone away or broken.

Some sort of “reset config” or “start from scratch” would have helped here, saving me the full un/reinstall. Other than that, there was no visible resolution for the problem.

This was either on the backend or something in the mydevices code on the pi that somehow went south - but it was running, nothing of the logs was corrupted or missing or odd… and everything else was working fine on untouched nodes.

So, I guess you guys can close this as my problem is - for now - fixed. I just wish the back-and-forth had continued instead of stopping dead the moment I gave up my password.

Hi @cayenne5,

Sorry for the sudden drop-off in communication. To be honest with you I was admitted to the hospital 8 days ago due to a bad illness, and am just being released today.

I think you are right, it is something very weird that happened on our backend that we will need to fix, especially if it surfaces again. While I wish we could have caught the issue and come up with a quick fix, I am very happy that you were able to find a suitable work-around on your own. :slight_smile:

Please please keep us updated on how your project is going and if this comes up again. Hope to see you around!


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