Setting myDevices Cayenne buttons with repeated problems

Hello, I often redo the work in Cayenne myDevices. I have a problem, the buttons created disappear or change their name. If I enter the button or sensor setting, I find another GPIO number. The same problem occurs at the exits, I find another exit. Why doesn’t the GPIO set remain by the user? Thank you for help !

which device are you using?

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I used 0w, 3B, 3B + … I don’t think it matters what I used. I buy the product … I program it and … nothing! For a company that respects itself … I think Cayenne still has work to do. I make a project … and it destroys after an hour !!! It is not so easy to work and go to the valley …

what do you mean by destroy? no one has ever reported anything like this.

The created buttons disappear or have other settings.

can you provide more info?

Two weeks ago I created a panel for a project. It worked perfectly for an hour, after which my work disappeared completely. Why ?
I created the same and now I see that it has been working quite well for three days.
I honestly don’t know what happened then.
The same phenomenon happens with the google play application until it is closed.

it maybe be due to bad internet connection, which might have caused it. if it happens again, please let me know.

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Now the same thing happened !!! It’s incredible !!!

can you private message me your email id, so i can it out.