Server error triggers


Need help with server error message in Android app. Just downloaded app yesterday and signed up. Added my Pi 3b running most current rasbian OS. Set up a DS18B20 with out any issues. Everything seemed to be working. I went to add a trigger of temperature too hot with temps over 80° then notify via email and text. I go to save and it says in a red bar at the bottom “server error”

It also does not seem to be recording any history. I’m a Pi newbie, is there a setting I have to enable on the Pi to keep it running in the background when the app is not opened?

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice with no luck. Is there a web browser link to log on to? Cant seem to find that. Any help would be appreciated.


welcome to cayenne community @farrellbrew. currently mobile app(IOS and Android) does not support raspberry pi agent 2.0. have a look at this Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0


@farrellbrew which mobile are you using and the android os? it looks like the error you got for trigger “server error” is limited to certain mobile, if you can provide the details it can help us to rule it out