Servo "range" only programmable using Android, -152 to -112 range!


Here’s my app-
When an EntryMotion detector senses motion, it turns a Pan/Tilt camera towards the entry way.

and I can’t make the PTZ variable in the range I need-

-and now, something completely unrelated, but also concurrently running on Cayenne

Here’s a schedule for watering the lawn and plants

Trying to figure out the Esp12e I/O map.

GPIO12, 13, 14 and 16 are external 2k2 pulled up. I should be seeing (4) inputs high. Where are they?

My Desk Lamp Relay is on DO / GPIO 4. It works flawlessly. I can’t make any of the other I/O work right yet.


Okay- here’s the fix-
Create the widget/servo slider in the Windows desktop.
Make the values fit your servo,
my servo values were
-150 (fully CCW)
to -117(fully CW).
Then, I drag/dropped the servo slider icon to my Project page.
Then, I EDITED the slider values in ANDROID Cayenne app.
That worked!