Web browser interface

I want to have an interface for people to interact with my holiday light displays. Currently they are run by ESP8266s and ESP32s. I’d like to do this by a web browser interface so they can just put in the website and go instead of downloading an app. I haven’t used Cayenne yet, but I noticed the intro page says: "

“Smartphone or Browser
Cayenne was designed to work from iOS and Android smartphones and popular browsers.”


Does this mean if I make an interface with Cayenne that that anyone can access it from a web browser by going to a webpage? If so are there good examples of this?

Yes, you can share a project, however, some smartphones will not be able to display the dashboard correctly. If the display is large enough you can go in to the settings and click “Request desktop version”

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Ok, so anyone would be able to enter the Cayenne webpage URL into a browser, and then control the ESPs? Would multiple people be able to do this at once?

Yes, and yes. You can set permissions to read only or actuator control.

In my dashboard, I don’t have the Sharing button, this is what I see:

How do I get the sharing button?

on top of dashboard click on “+create new project”. this will create a new project dashboard. add the sensor you want to share to this dashboard and then click sharing on the top of dashboard.

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