Sharing dashboard link

I have created my dashboard and can send a sharing link to anyone with
However I want to send a sharing link to and it will not let me, yet that is the email I log onto mydevices with.
I want to send a sharing link to my boss, which is a corporate address and likewise it will not let me either.

Also, can you share a dashboard on an Android phone , when we try it wants us the load the app and log in.

Thanks Tom… Hope this makes sense.

you can copy and share the link provide.

Thanks mate, cut and paste was what I was doing but I thought is was going to be easier to put the email address into the sharing page.
The situation with Android phones, is there any solution to sharing on them without having to log into Cayenne?
Ease of shared access like on a PC/Laptop would be great.

Thanks for your help… Tom…

we will look into this issue, but for time being you have to go with copy and paste workaround.

you can open your google chrome browser in desktop mode on your android phone.

I have the same issue, how can i share a project dashboard on an android app?
the shared person would open the project as one of her/his projects. and control actuators from her phone ?

You need to select desktop site on your Google chrome.

When viewing a shared link, it will timeout after 1-2 hour. Is it possible to make it last forever. The purpose is to show some reading on a tablet on a wall (without interaction).

it should not timeout. what do you get when it occurs.

The link it self works forever. But the static dashboard is only active until the timeout, then I need to reload the page to see the dashboard again. Will take a screenshot next time it occur.

When the dashboard timeouts you will be redirected to the login page.

which browser are you using to view the shared link?

I have tested
Firefox (android)
Chrome (android)

Does the same happen on pc or laptop on chrome? Also which android device are you using?

Yes, it happen on a windows laptop with firefox as well. (no chrome installed)

My workaround for this is to make a local *.html that reload every 3550sec and put the dashboard in an iframe. The device is a cheap Denver TAQ-70333 with android 8.1.

can you private message me the project share link, so I can test it on my end.