Single Device to control many Arduinos with NRF24L01+ sensor and control network


About This Project

Trying sensor network with NRF24L01+ as what maniacbug did.

Though I could only affor to build network with 5 modules.

This build will only have one MCU, the Raspberry Pi, to connect to cayenne. The great thing with NRF24 is that it reduces clutter in your dashboard while controlling alot of stuff.

What’s Connected

Raspberry pi (this is connected to Cayenne)
Arduino Nano (MCU for the devices we are controlling)
NRF24L01 (RF module)
Zero Crossing circuit
PIR sensor
Light switches (these are overide switches, just incase you want to manually switch device)
Wall Power supply (i cant find those with switches, so I added mine into it)

Triggers & Alerts

Proximity sensor will tell if you have visitors at your door. At night, this could turn on a light when ever it detects motion.

when it gets too hot, it turns your Fan (due to SSR limit, but change SSR then you can turn AC)
when the temperature drops below lower limit, turn off Fan


Scheduling Doesn’t work with MQTT at the moment :cry:

Dashboard Screenshots

I want to make New Project Tab where I can add the RPi Commands as you can see in the left, to shutdown, reboot RPi, or even code in it. Note: the two devices (DeviceX and RPi) are the same device. it seems there is a bug where project tab disappears.

Photos of the Project

The idea is like this:

PCB to house components for the utility boxes.
Each of the utility boxes would have something like this inside.

The Acrylic box represents your wall. I made it transparent so i can take pictures on what is inside. It is for presentation only.

Each utility box, houses 1 Arduino Nano, 1 RF module, 2 SSR, AC to 5Vdc adapter.
The two light switches control each LEDs on the side.
The center, will be a dimmer circuit controlling a bulb in the middle. That CFL will not do.
The right side are two power plugs, the switches are for manual switching (Added a switch).


My Dimmer prototype and Cayenne’s Slider. Sorry for the broken screen.
Dimmer connects to Arduino with NRF and to RPi. RPi connects to Cayenne.

You dont have to wait for the Cayenne’s MQTT app. as you can access your dashboard through desktop mode. You can create your own app using your browser.

The Judges Have Spoken! ~CONTEST RESULTS~

Good project! :grin: waiting for the video :+1:


You have a bit of everything going on here…I like it!


hi its possible share the code ? please…


hi. can u share the coding with me if possible ? u project kind similar with my homework project. u can send it at

thank u.