Slider disappears


I created a slider to move for example a servo motor.
When i click for that slider on “Settings” and select “Choose Unit” → “Analog” then the slider disappears from the dashboard.
In the menu on the left side, the slider is still listed but cannot be edited anymore.
Is there another possibility to edit the slider-settings or to delete the element?

Device: ArduinoUno - serialConnection & same issue tested with esp8266 (D1 mini)
dashboard: Web (Windows10)

Thanks for your help

you dont need change the unit.

try double clicking on the slider on left hand side and this will pop up the setting. click remove and add new one and dont change unit .

I know that I don’t need to change the unit, but it accidently happened.

unfortunately the double click on the slider (on left hand side) doesn’t work (no Popup) so I can’t remove it.

ok i did a test for your case in which i tried changing the unit and then double click on left side and the setting did not pop up.
tagging @bestes and @jcruz for this bug.

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Thanks for the tag, @shramik_salgaonkar,

Hi @Globi,
Thanks for finding this bug. We are currently looking into this & should be able to fix it soon.