Software updates

As there are few layers of software(sw), how does one update the sw, in particular the sw installed in the pi, ie the libraries and agent. There is also the ap sw. do they all have to be updated at the same time?, do we have to remove previous versions or reinstall over them? How do we know what version we are on now.

You can see the list of releases here: Running List of Releases

To get the current agent version go to the dashboard, click on your Pi, click on Configure, then the Agent Version will be listed.

Thanks @ats1080s. Also, the sw auto updates itself. When we push updates, there are no actions that you need to take to realize the updates on your account. Well, I guess your Pi has to be connected to internet, but that’s it.


Thanks for the response. I think Cayenne is a game changer and will open up a pathway for a new group of developers who has not have the time and inclination to learn to code. Cayenne reminds me of another platform “electricimp” except electricimp is more for low level developers and coders, and the “agent” is in the cloud with a proprietary hw and firmware(with auto update) and a uncommon language called squirrel.

Good to know we do not have to worry about updates and updates will be automatically pushed to the devices ( I assume it will also do a restart), I guess the only update to keep an eye on manually, is the android app.

You hit the nail on the head. We think so too :slight_smile: But we are slightly biased of course.

We should do in-app notification that tells you to update Android app when new release is available.