Continuous integration/update

Hi there,

How new releases of Cayenne myDevices are being installed on Raspberry Pi?
Is this automatic process?
Should device owner/user to take an action to update the RPi part of Cayenne?

Thank you.

For the pi updates are automatic. You can check your agent version by clicking configure on the dashboard and the compare that to the last version posted here on the forums.

Ya, I saw the I/O LEDs blinking away on my Pi Zero, -as it was sitting idle.
I was wondering what was up…
and a few days ago… my Zero just DIED (dropped off-line)
The microSD was…corrupted. I dunno why.
I thought perhaps some kind of virus…
I still have that microSD if y’all want to take a look.
I re-loaded Raspian on another microSD, -but not Cayenne yet.

I think I’m gonna continue to persue the ESP modules,
because it just breaks my heart to see my Zero
used for simply flipping a switch.

-It’s like using a sledgehammer as a fly swatter.
Ya, it works just fine, but it’s big-time overkill.