Strange operation of the platform


hold on. looks like there is a bug with android app.


I’m using IOS and I was checking it the past days but the problem is still


the problem continues, I can control it from the computer but from the app no, when I press a button from the app it closes automatically and does not execute any action. Do you know if there are still problems with the platform or with the apps? My app is IOS. Since a month ago I have had problems and cayenne still does not work correctly.


yes there is bug with app and team is working on it. will let you know when the problem is solved.


I appreciate the information. Ok, I’ll be checking to know when it’s solved. Thank you very much


@atzayacatlL-13 we have released a new version, update the app and give it a try New Android & iOS App Update


Yes, it works correctly again. Thank you!!