Announcing Updates


I see mention of ‘this weekend’ release / update.

  • Just an idea but prompt perhaps e-mail to let us know that the next version is now running.
  • Suggest too that we are reminded / prompted when needed to re-install the Pi software. I did a clean rasparian > update > upgrade > Cayenne install yesterday and that did seem to smooth a few wrinkles out but only noted the suggestion in a post.
  • Generally is it okay if we can just delete device from dashboard and generate a new ssh install line ?
  • Do you want a Pi B and Pi B+ set up for testing of is that pretty much a waste of time ? I have a bin of them…
  • Is there like a provisional version number or funky release name system ?

Anyway’s… Look forward to the ‘weekend’ version. Just to reassure people the Saturday morning down here so far this side of the date line is looking good…

~ Andrew


All great points that we have plans to do :grin:

-You should not need to do reinstall of Pi software, it will update automatically. Yep, create as many installs as you want.

-We are setting up in-house testing Pi’s on all models & OS’s…but if you want to hook the exact same sensors up to different Pi’s to test out issues with one model versus another then we would be all ears to hear how that went!

-Since versions update automatically we decided against doing this. Although, funny story about how the ‘Cayenne’ name was chosen, I’ll have to share sometime.

Still putting all changes through QA so fixes aren’t released yet. I’ll make forum post of release notes.


~ A