Support for ZeroBorg PiZero Motor controller

Any plans to provide support for the ZeroBorg addon Motor controller board for PiZeros ? Or can I do it by linking out to their python scripts/libraries somehow

It looks like it’s using the RasPi GPIO / I2C bus.
I think Cayanne can address it as a PWM controller
connected to the I2C bus.
this might work for you!.

I like this guy!
His designs are similar to my own.
I see a 78SR5 regulator,
some smt thingies,
using the Weidmueller 3.5mm headers…
very nice!
It’s too bad the Zero has no WiFi or Ethernet. :frowning:
-and limited availability at it’s intended price of $5.
It looks like a 26 pin ribbon cable to a Pi3 would resolve the Wifi/Ethernet issue, though. Just replace the Zero with a Pi3…but you lose your compact size.
It’s Better to use a Esp12-e!
Taking advantage of the SPI bus!