Timer circuits


Any chance of getting timers included in the alarms and events section, if condition is true for a specific time do this or that.
Great to filter out false readings and also great to build time delays

Measuring how long a trigger is activated

Love this, great idea. Going in our product roadmap :slight_smile:


Cool idea…
Like a cron GUI ?
~ Andrew


Cron or a countdown timer, not sure if Cron can do countdown. Appreciate the add


Should be part of A&T @bestes @svazir


I too would be interested in this. Say for a heater, base set at 50F and choose 70 for 3 hrs then you dont have to worry about leaving it on. or set a time say 3 PM set at 70 run for three hrs or set a until time say 6. Then say a notification heater is on heater is off. or set an alarm heater on for more than 2hrs and not reached 65?


I really need a timer for my current project. is there any update on when this might be out or if there is a way to set a triger with this I would like to know


This is one of the top features we will be releasing after initial release of the Cayenne API. You might be able to do something with the Cayenne Scheduling feature, depending on the type of timer that you need.