Trigger based on Temperature Sensor (ds18b20)

I am looking for some clarification on what the “step” field of the the temperature trigger is for. Is this for the fluctuation that is allowed before the trigger runs? For example if i set the step to 3 and the trigger to 75 degrees does this mean the trigger will start at 75 and shut off at 78? This would be similar behavior to home thermostats to prevent them from cycling on and off based on 1 or 2 degrees?

I hope to use this feature to turn my pool heater into a “Smart” pool heater :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we’re not being that clever here, this just looks like a small bug with our UI. :slight_smile:

We added the Min/Max/Value/Step value for Slider Widgets so if someone had a slider that with, for example, a range of values 0 to 1000, and all they cared about was increments of 10, then they could set a ‘step’ of 10 so they could hit numbers like 480, 490, 500, 510 easily with a mouse without getting values like “489.55”.

That’s all good in the context of a Slider Widget, but it seems to have bled into the Slider control we use for setting the temperature of the trigger that you’ve asked about. It doesn’t make sense here since you’re creating the trigger then moving away from it – you just need the slider and/or the ‘value’ box so you could type a value in (really just the ‘value’ box).

The idea about allowing for some fluctuation so you don’t have the trigger firing every time the temp changes between 74.99 and 75.01 is a good idea though, and something we should implement as an option in the future.

Thank-you for the explanation!

No problem. There may be a follow up, there is some debate over whether it is a bug or intended internally now that I prompted it.

Either way that’s how its intended to work. We can debate on whether it’s overkill for the triggers UI, but regardless, just set or type a value, and you can ignore the min/max/step fields. :slight_smile: