Trigger temperature slider narrow range


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Dashboard problem - Windows 10

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Am I missing something? I can only set the above/below threshold in triggers for my DS18B20’s between +50°F and +140°F. This is a very narrow band of the range that the 18B20 is capable of measuring (-67°F to +257°F). As I live in Colorado, work with water, outside; it is very important to me to know when the outside ambient temperature is below 32°F, you know the pesky point when water starts to turn to rock.

I personally would prefer a data entry box to enter the threshold. I find that sliders tend to skip over my target number, especially when it’s my fat finger on a tiny Android (hint, hint) device.




+1 for text box and wider range, sounds like a good idea


Thank you guys for your input we will definitely look into this



@Ian @ats1080s Need to discuss with design team. Definitely making a change to accommodate full range of temperature.



@Ian @ats1080s Hey guys, I’m going to move this to Ideas / Suggestions. We are working on enhancing this presently.



@Ian @ats1080s hey guys, you can now edit a widget settings and customize the slider range. This will affect the slider for that sensor in the trigger statement that you create.

Thanks for your patience!