Trigger Logic Toggle and Threshold

The alarms and notiifications worked a treat. Thanks !

1/. Fluctuating signals can cause multiple bursts of alarms / e-mails and txts so suggest either a nominal threshold of say 5% / 10% of range of alarm value or a programmable threshold or an alarm at x% and reset at y% of value… Getts messy I know…

2/. A toggle logic option… alarm is triggered ONCE until dashboard alarm acknowledge resets the sate

3/. Almost staring us in the face this one… But why not an option to activate an output (E.g. Generic OP lights LED, activates a sounder) on alarm. This just needs a third option in the ‘Then Notify’ box general area. This is getting pretty close to the general logic sand box / patch bay / relay board sort of idea in another post.

~ Andrew

All great suggestions, I’ll make sure these get put somewhere in our product roadmap!

Thanks Andrew !
Looks we need to open widely rules execution engine.
Andrew, do you would like some scripting stuff, or full UI ?

I would not mind just a python script window with the DI/DO, AI/ AO given semi symbolic meaning.

But would be interesting to see if someone can come up with a graphical ‘blocky’ dragy dropy wire diagram type system or library within the gui with blocks alongs the line of

  • IP - DI Hi / Lo pulse capture detected (lots of people after this)
  • IP - DI Digital pin
  • IP - AI Trigger >
  • IP - AI Trigger <
  • Timer wait x seconds then
  • IF > x seconds then
  • Delay timer (Passes input digital state by x amout of time)
  • If YY:MM:DD:hh:mm:ss = then
  • if xx:xx:DD=1-5:09:00:00 etc (Cron type thing ?)
  • OP set ana (PWM, Servo AO to = x)
  • Inc / Dec OP
  • OP Set DO (Hi:Lo)
  • OP Pulse single pin
  • OP pulse 1 or multi pin Pattern (shift out time base selectable)
  • Flip Flop R/R IP > Q OP
  • Logic (boolean family)
  • Radio Button
  • &c.
    Now there is a challenge but I imagine you would not have to look too far.
    ~ Andrew

It’s not in progress right now, but we are thinking about it.