Triggers is not working

From last week triggers are not working ,neither simple triggers nor notification is there any maintenance is going on?

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there is bug with current trigger engine and team is working on getting a new trigger engine.

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I think it may be good idea if Cayenne can create a sticky maintenance thread to alert us to current maintenance issues or outages which affect code - leads to unnecessary troubleshooting when nothing actually wrong with code. Also a timeline thread for anticipated bug fixes/ updates and rollout schedule?

how long will it take to get the new trigger engine up & running - I’m having the issue now since 1 week…

Hi all
I have been without triggers and notifications for some weeks now, i have deleted reinstalled triggers but with no joy ??? .After reading some community posts ,would i be correct in saying that this is due to the cayenne team creating a new triggers engine is there any sort of time line on when this will be resolved !.Can anyone all so tell me if this problem is just specific to the raspberry pi
running cayenne on a pi 3b using web android and ios
If i have missed something and some one can point me in the wright direction i would be greatfull.

You are correct that there are currently know issues with triggers and a new trigger engine is in the works. Unfortunately as of right now there is no ETA but it is the top priority.

I don’t know if this could shorten the ETA, but if so I would personnaly give priority to notifications over trigger actions. With notifications you can at least react by yourself on your dashboard … or call your neighbour, if you receive a flooding alert in your basement.

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