Triggers & Alerts Multi-Option

I have three pi’s all with same sensors at three locations. All three send text alert when reed switch is open or closed. Would love to see ability to add multiple devices to one trigger.

If device 1 or 2 or 3…trigger 1 or 2 or 3…then text/email

this would save a lot of space instead of having multiple alerts. My Pi’s have three reed switches to each device requiring three alerts per PI for a total of 9 alert’s.

Just a suggestion.

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It is really good idea!

I agree, I can see quite a few uses for this feature.

@jelliott @ognqn.chikov @adam Will bring this up to the team to see what they think :slight_smile: We’ve been enhancing backend triggers engine and will be enhancing UI to allow for more powerful statements and trigger logic, so now is good time to bring this up. Thanks for suggesting it!

By the way @jelliott, would love to see your project / use case for the reed switches. You can submit to the Projects Made With Cayenne category if you have some free time :slight_smile:



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