Triggers don't work normally


I have a problem with triggers !
One month ago, i try tesxt message on one program with an arduino+ethernet shield, and text message work perfectly.

But now it doesnt work !
I also try with an ESP-07 and i only receive mail alert.
The text message on my phone doesn’t work at all !
I try with 0681xxx or +33681xxx (French phone) , it is the same result, any text message received!

Can someone help me ?


Hello @christophe.schadeck,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! I have just tested our text message triggers and is working on my end.

Do you have an international number that you can use? I see that the phone numbers you are using only have 7 or 8 digits, which could explain why the text message is not going through to your phone number. Keep us updated if you are able to resolve problem with using full international phone number.


Hello @bestes ,

Very thanks for your help.
I am french and so, maybe i will make mistakes with my english, sorry.

So i tried different way to send text message to my mobil phone , and it didn’t work!

My celular phone n° is 0681abcdef in France.

I tried with different triggers this evening :



I did not receive any SMS on my mobil.


Christophe S

Hello @bestes

I don’t know if you change something ?
But yesterday i tried again differents ways to send triggers, and they didn’t work !

But this evening , i just try , and the first step is OK

With setup ; +33681…

All work perfectly.

Very Thanks

Christophe S

I’ve been using a French number for the last month and it works fine my end, using +33612345678


I always make some reviews for my project with triggers.
After these first comments, i try with my n° +33612345678
And it seems to work.

But not all time !
I put an event every days at 11h00.
It work 2 days , but nothing today
Yesterdays , all work perfectly,
As soon as i put my light on, i received in 5 secondes , the message on my phone.
Today, it doesn’t work !

Is there some limits to send message ?
I don’t understand , why it doesn’t work !

If i put e-mail alert, i receive any message on my phone, and any mail today ?!,


Have a look at this thread Chained triggers - #3 by nitrogenwidget Can you check your memory usage and post back if it is over 80%?

I reboot my computer, my phone, and my esp-07.

The program on ESP-07 works normally.

On phone or computer, actions on cayenne dashboard make actions on ESP.

But no trigger seem to work !
i have 1 trigger on turn off my ESP wich sand me a message on hone and mail : don’t work at all today?!?
i have 1 trigger which send me a message if an output goes on. Don’t work all today .
i have 1 trigger which go on if an another one go on ,don’t work. !
Today, no triggers works correctly on my account ?

Hi @christophe.schadeck,

I’m sorry that issues still seem to be popping up with your triggers. This is hard to reproduce on our end the issues that you have been experiencing.

Would you mind pasting an image of this trigger?


my 3 triggers.
No one works now !

the first which worked normally for 2 days and now nothing !

a new one to test if problems with ESP-07 turn off.

a new one to test a repeat state of gpio


I try again this morning.
And this morning, triggers work half.

I receive only the mail alert.
Nothing on my phone !

But you can see that triggers ran, and the comment is “Trigger ran successfully” ?!?

Same for me, only the email alert works
SMS alert is dead!

@christophe.schadeck @parra14_5

There’s definitely something up with our SMS notifications on our end. Nothing you’ve done wrong. We’re investigating right now and should have a resolution shortly.

@christophe.schadeck, @parra14_5 (and anyone else reading). This is resolved now, SMS alerts should be working again


Thanks for your work.

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