Triggers have gone


Hi . noticed this morning all but 1 of my triggers have disappeared.
Wondering if it is a sever issue or something at my end ?
anyone else having issues ?



can you PM me your email_id.


Hi Shramik,




i can see trigger in your dashboard. what is the issue?


Hi Shramik.

I created all new triggers after the others disappeared.

Firstly though, I checked that the triggers where actually missing by heating some of the temp

sensors to see if the associated fans where activated but none of them worked.

I didn’t want to create new triggers only to have the original return as double ups.

I have in the past had issues with the app but the triggers always worked regardless.

Its not a really big deal for myself ,but I am a bit concerned for future projects I have planned for

others that require reliability from this function.




will check what was the issue that deleted your trigger. In future if it happens again, let me know ASAP.


Thanks will do , also the one trigger that remained was not activated.