Triggers stop working

Just got a Pi 3/B a week ago added to the Cayenne dashboard with BMP180 sensor a proximity sensor and a relay to power on a fan .

I have created some triggers
1. send SMS alert when proximity sensor detect motion
2. trigger On and OFF {IF Temp above then relay on} and {IF Temp below then relay off}.

Triggers were working nice . very happy until a few days ago they just stop working . I have already deleted the triggers and recreated them again - they just not working .The sensors are showing the data in dashboard, i can check the sensor temp ,i can see the state of the proximity sensor and i can manually start/stop the relay from dashboard.
i have reinstalled the raspbian on the PI - same issue . i have created a new account thinking the old one has some issues but with no luck , triggers are not working … Im using the dashboard from my android phone and from my laptop with chrome browser.
If anyone has any idea please let me know so i can try on my project.

Hi, I have the same problem with the trigger.
I think it’s because the latest update of Cayenne.
Did not find any solution yet.

ups The same problem with the trigger her. It has been working all year from the end there was an upgrading last year around the same time hmmm Maybe there is a little coding lost.

I guess we must to be patient with my devices, some times fail but mainly is a very interesting platform

@ionutz.stefureac @sven_hoeterickx @lmjhe2009 @tecnopatiasevera Hey guys, thanks for checking in and letting us know. We will look into this. We are in the process of replacing our triggers system to use a much more stable and robust one. I’ll keep you updated.



Hello @bestes I setup another trigger IF the PI is going off then notify … so it seems that one is working … but the others from my first post still not working … Anyway i appreciate this platform very easy to use, fast replay from administrators … i hope the triggers will start working soon on my account.

Hi @bestes i saw something on the triggers … at the end of the triggers it say something with NULL

Is that mean something ?

Same problem here. As a test I setup a trigger for the CPU going below a certain % and that will send an email and text. But a trigger I have setup for a relay being on or off does not work.

@ionutz.stefureac @jonsensei7 thanks for the additional information, it does help us. The service that sends SMS/email is different than service that enables device-to-device triggers, so that’s why ‘some’ appear to be working but not others.

We’re going to look into it when we have time. We are also in the process of transitioning to a newer more reliable triggers engine! Hang in there, exciting things coming.


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Thanks benny … I have been waiting

Not being rude but do you have any idea when this might be resolved? Just wondering if I need to go buy a temporary thermostat… :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue. Triggers from a Pi and DS18B20 to a relay will never trigger. It’s a shame. I’m currently working to move everything off of Cayenne. This feels more and more like a dead product.