Trouble logging in to Dashboard


Hi there

I can’t seem to log into my Cayenne dashboard. Every time, I get stuck on a the redirecting URL page

It’s been like this for a few hours. I’ve tried different browsers, cleared caches, mobile devices etc. Would be great if you could provide an update.

Thanks so much


Hi @don3 ,

Apologies for the trouble. While I’m not aware of any dashboard downtime, we did have until a couple hours ago an issue with the single sign on that links this forum and your Cayenne account. It sounds like you’ve tried more recently than that, so it’s probably unrelated, but if you haven’t tried in the last hour or so I would say try one more time.

If it’s still an issue, do you mind sharing your account credentials via private message with me so i can reproduce and investigate with our engineers? You can reset your password with this link if desired:


There was a script that is run on login that was choking on a special character. Hopefully no one else will run into this before we get a real fix in place, but if you are reading this and getting stuck where Don described, PM me and we can fix it on your account!


im getting the same problem


We discussed this in email, but just so other users are aware, that script is getting stuck on last names that have an apostrophe in them. We’ll have it fixed for good shortly, the bugfix has already passed our QA.