Tunneling LPP data via MQTT

I have a device that can send data via LoRa (to a custom gateway) or in the future via cellular connection. What I would like to be able to do is to send the same data report format (LPP in this case) via either mechanism, ideally via mqtt. Is it possible to tunnel a LPP payload via an mqtt topic? It would enable this functionality and would also be useful in other case.

Alternately, is there some other protocol supported by Cayenne that could be used to accomplish something similar?

What little I know about LoRa and LPP I would say no unless you are going to convert the value to a string at some point. If you send a hex value to Cayenne’s MQTT API it will just throw it out.


It would be trivial to convert the LPP payload to a hex string or the like in the gateway before sending it onwards. Would there then be a way to make this work?

What I was getting at is you would have to convert to the value you want to see, not just convert the hex to a string. Here are the MQTT API docs. Basically only numerical values are accepted.

Right, what I was suggesting is that if there were a way to inject a LPP payload via mqtt, it would make development simpler for those doing multi-radio devices, LoRa with failover to cellular,wifi,etc) for example. Then when connected via Cellular, the device could do a mqtt publish to a special topic, and the Cayenne backend would process it just as if it’d come in over a LoRa network.

Does this make sense?

Makes sense to me. I’ll change your topic to ideas/suggestions so it’s tracked.

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Would love this also, I think you also need deveui in the topic :wink:


A bit late on that topic but

  • A data.bin MQTT resource with LPP support is in our backlog
  • DevEUI based MQTT topics is also in our backlog

Best :slight_smile:

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