Unable to add a device anew (which has already been deleted beforehand)

I am using GlobalSat LT-100E device.
I am using Web dashboard.
I have added this device to work with actility network. Then I have deleted it via dashboard because I actually intended to use it with everynet network. Now when I try to add it again an error occurs saying “DevEUI already used”.
Please help!

Hi @dgslinkov and welcome to the Cayenne Community.

Could you PM me with the DevEUI for the device in question so I can investigate this on our side and see if we can clear it so you can re-add it?

It must be
if I am getting this correctly

That doesn’t look like a DevEUI, which should be 16 characters of hex like 0102030405060708. The DevEUI field when trying to add your device shouldn’t have accepted that value to let you get as far as an error message.

Unfortunately I don’t have an access to the device right now and hence to its DevEUI, but I will get it the next day and post it here, thank you.

The code higher here is what was a part of the device’s page’s URL. I presumed it might help, sorry.

Ok now, device’s DevEUI is 0***********8

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Thanks – I didn’t mean to come off snippy before :slight_smile: Just wanted to verify that we saw the issue before investigating it.

I indeed see the error trying to add that DevEUI to my account. I’ve assigned a task to our dev team to remove it entirely from the system so you can re-add OK. I’ll let you know as soon as that’s been completed.

Update: The device appears to be on a different account so I’ve PMed you about deleting it from that account.