Unable to Login

Weird, can’t login on my iPhone, it keeps saying ‘Unable to Log In Error: (null)’ however I can log in on the Chrome browser. I know the log in information is correct. Help?

Hi @robertmenard63, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

That’s strange. Can I as if you’ve been able to log into the iOS app in the past, or did you just grab it? As a sanity check, can you delete and re-install it from the App Store just to make sure you’re in a fresh state?

If it continues I’ll grab our iOS dev since the login seems OK on a global level and everything looks find with your account.

Finally allowed me to login.

Weird – maybe it was a server issue on our end that was cleared up by the time I responded to you this morning. by all means toss me a PM if it ever re-occurs so I can investigate.