Bug Filed on 04-11-2016: iOS Authentication failure, but login from laptop works

I’ve signed up twice, using different email addresses and passwords. I can log in just fine from my laptop, but when I attempt to use the iOS app, I always get the message “Authentication failed. Please try again later or contact customer care”

I’ve re-entered the password many times to confirm that it’s correct. Do you have a limit on password length, or something like that? I’m using 1Password to generate the password.

Also, it would be really nice if there was some way to change the password once you’ve logged in.

I believe both these issues should be fixed, can you confirm?


Yes, it works on my iPhone now, thanks!

Woohoo! Thanks for checking and updating, I’ll move this topic to resolved.


Still chews up RAM and CPU like crazy (on the Pi), so I’m going to have to uninstall it now. And now that it works from my iPhone, for some reason my browser login can’t see my Pi any more.

Hi Grant,

Weird issue you’ve experienced with not being able to log in on browser. Haven’t seen that issue before. Regardless, Cayenne does take some RAM and CPU to run, especially on the older Pi’s. If the issue you’ve experienced surfaces again hopefully we’ll catch it. Thank you for your time!