Unable to resolve host address `cayenne.mydevices.com'


need help


I am currently seeing the same thing trying to configure a new Pi.


@tmarlonvbriones @Slbj1977 Are you guys sure you have internet connection? We don’t see any issues that could be causing this on our end.

Perhaps you can follow this post for some troubleshooting.

Let us know what you find!



pretty sure i’m online i made a querry here right…

i use putty with windows and terminal for mac my raspberry running rasbian can browse the internet no problem…

is there a way that we can download the installer and install it using the files or maybe you can place it in a repository like github where connection is more stable…

not giving up and would like to try this IoT protocol. I want to evaluate which is better option in doing connectivity.


What DNS server are you using?


Upon checking it with my phone DNS is the same with my router.


If you connect to your router you should see somewhere in there that it has public DNS servers. It should be on a status page. If you can’t find it post your router model and we can try to find where to look.


Netgear WGR614 v7


This definitely looks like a DNS issue to me. Here is a page which shows how to set your DNS on that Netgear router model:


I would suggest to use Google’s DNS server at, though there area lots of choices out there. Anything commonly used on the public internet should be able to resolve cayenne.mydevices.com no problem.

@tmarlonvbriones If that doesn’t do it, let me know and I’ll just grab the setup script file for you, and give you a command to run it locally on your Pi.


thanks now it’s working!!!


Glad to hear it, I’m going to mark this topic as ‘Resolved’, but @Slbj1977 (or anyone else who sees this), please post and let me know if the steps that worked for tmarlonvbriones don’t work for you!


then installer was able to load but there is that error screenshot…
manually rebooted pi and upon checking with my iphone still raspberry is
not installed.


Are you using the latest version of Jessie image from Raspberry Pi site?





Sounds like you’re not on either Jessie Full or Jessie Lite. You can try to manually install the development headers with “sudo apt-get install python-dev”


this is the results… will try to rebbot pi…


You might have to just get a fresh image of Jessie for this to work correctly. What image are you using?


will try that…
will let you know what happen when i use another os…
thanks anyways guys.


thanks used new image of Jessie and installation no glitch…
consider this issue resolved!

More Power to CAYENNE!!!
hope to have a good wireless setup using Cayenne!


Woohoo! Hope to keep seeing you around.

Let us know of any other issues you might run in to.

By the way, we are looking to get more reviews on our Android app. If you have Android device and download Cayenne app, we would love to get a review from you :slight_smile: