Problem with installation of Cayenne in Pi

Hi all,

I am using Rpi Model B. I am trying to connect to pi using pc which is behind my college proxy. I could do the wget line successfully.
However, the sudo bash line is giving an error ’ Unable to resolve host address

If wget line could be executed, what is preventing the next line doing its task?

Appreciate your help in solving this.

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Hi @abhilash.1061

The command line should have the address rather than, so this sounds like it may be the reason for your ‘unable to resolve’ error. We’d love to have but those guys at Porsche beat us to it! :sunglasses:

Hopefully this was just a typo, but if you got any such * address from our documentation or website, please let me know where so I can have it corrected.

Sorry. I typed it wrong in the forum.

The error I am getting after sudo bash line

As I mentioned earlier, my Pi is behind college proxy. And I have configured all proxy settings correctly.

Appreciate your help.

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Same problem here. Behind university proxy. Even ssh from android cayenne app over local wifi did not work. Even though it works from android apps like Termius and Fing. Manual installation had the same problem as described in the above. This is what I get while installation
" pi@pi2:~ $ sudo bash -v
continuing as new install…
–2017-05-24 16:29:13-- http://updates.mydevices
Resolving (updates.mydevice… failed: Name or service not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address ‘updates.myd

Looks like you have a DNS issue, try using for DNS.

Hi @manabray.iitguwahati and welcome to the Cayenne Community.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to mess with DNS, you could specify the IP for in your hosts file located at /etc/hosts, by adding this line:

Thank you. I will try this out and report.