Understanding Cayenne to TNN to end device?

Hello all…
First time user. I have an LoraWan end node running FW pushing data to TTN using a WM1302 / Pi Gateway that I have. I then set up a webhook to Cayenne and can see the data on MyDevices. One of the pieces I am pushing is an Digital I/O control. Basically I want to test the whole link of pushing the button on Cayenne end and seeing the end node LED go on and off. I have verified in TTN by sending bytes down to the end node and turning on / off the LED but for some reason Cayenne stream to TTN shows up on TTN gateway webpage but I get no action on the end node. I am not sure what I am missing as setting up the Button in Cayenne seems pretty straight forward. Is Cayenne pushing a JSON packet back to TTN or is it in bytes? From the TTN looking at it in JSON seems to show a f_port of 99 which is definitely incorrect.

Thanks for the help