Don´t get any data from my TTN Uno into Cayenne

Hi, I don´t get any data from my TTN Uno to Cayenne. The Uno sends live data to the TTN and for integration webhook is selected to be Cayenne. I wasn´t sure about the webhook format but neither JSON nor protocoll buffers made a change. In Cayenne I picked The Thinks Network and selected The Things Uno, copied the DevEUI, selected the devices doesn´t move and entered an my adress, then clicked add device.
The overview tab shows no dashboard and the data tab displays waiting for live data. I can´t see what is wrong so any help is very much appreciated. Thx, Sven

Forgot to mention that the default payload formatter is set to CayenneLPP.

can you private message me your DevEUI

You got PM.

Maybe that is of interest, in the TTN live data view I just saw “decode uplink data message failure - invalid output” with every uplink data message.

you need to use the payload formatter as the application formatted.
Also, you need to use CayenneLPP while adding the device to the cayenne dashboard.
The device should send data in CayenneLPP format Cayenne Docs

Like this ?

for the End devices payload formatter. For application you need to select CayenneLPP

OK, adjusted that now.

I made my node to constantly send 01 67 00 FF.
Channel 01, Temperature 67, Value 2 Byte 255 (25.5)

But still don´t get anything in Cayenne. Mmmh, I can´t see what else is wrong.

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