USB modem documentation suggestion


Current documentation:
2. Navigate to the scripts folder by typing “cd [path]”, e.g. “cd C:\Users[YourUserName]\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne\extras\scripts”

Windows 10 with OneDrive enabled will be C:\Users[username]\OneDrive\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne\extras\scripts


This would only be if the OneDrive setting for Auto Save > Documents > OneDrive is set (which isn’t the default on a fresh OneDrive install).

I think it’s worth keeping here as a gotcha, but not sure if it makes sense in the documentation for that file considering that this could be done with something like Dropbox or myriad other solutions also, and would demand alternate paths for each of those.

What do you think about %USERPROFILE%\Documents as an alternative? I think that would work both with and without OneDrive (though it would break for XP users, if there are any of you still out there…)


I only bring it up because of the stealthy way Microsoft does this. It certainly threw me for a loop. By default when you install windows 10 (I think anniversary update may be different) OneDrive is enabled and doesn’t explain any of this so you can be looking in C:\Users[YourUserName]\Documents\ completely unaware that your Documents library shortcut is pointing somewhere else. To make matters worse clicking on the Documents library shortcut doesn’t display any file path, only “Documents” in the address bar.

Unfortunately I did a system refresh on the computer I was having issues with after the anniversary update came out and OneDrive was not enabled by default so I’ll have to install OneDrive again to test. From what I just read on google %USERPROFILE% is just C:\Users[YourUserName] so %USERPROFILE%\Documents would just be pointing C:\Users[YourUserName]\Documents\ right?


Yeah, it’s Microsoft being sneaky with how they cross reference this folder.

You’re 100% right though, I thought when I tested this yesterday that %USERPROFILE%\Documents was referencing the OneDrive Documents folder that was created when you toggle this setting on, but on re-testing this morning, I see I got confused and it was referencing the original Documents folder (which no longer has the Arduino folder in it that we were trying to reference).

So my solution was no good. On the positive side, at least the global search on Win10 is indexed and a lot better than past versions of Windows, so I was able to find the Arduino folder in question pretty easily (regardless of it’s location) by searching Arduino in the big taskbar search area.