Options in installation


I’d re-installed cayenne, but I dislike two things:

  1. the installation doesn’t let us to choose anything. In example: I don’t want to have the log files on my SD card, I’ve an USB key to store them, why can’t I choose some paths ?
  2. Ok, I understand the system must reboot, but I prefer having a “Do you want to reboot now ?” question than having the system doing what it wants when it wants.

My 2 cents :slight_smile:


I think it would be fine to default to this, but an advanced option to chose these things would certainly be nice!


Hey there CrazyCat,

  1. Well, we’d never considered this actually. So your issue is not the the logs are being stored, but WHERE the logs are being stored? Is there a specific reason you don’t want any logs stored on your Pi?

  2. Sure, you should have control over what and when things happen. So, the Cayenne install won’t work without the reboot. And when we implement the auto-expanding of the file system, there will (potentially, if the file system hasn’t been expanded yet) be a reboot required as well. So, two required reboots before Cayenne can get up and running. @ats1080s I like the idea of an advanced option to chose from. Adding both of these to roadmap.


The answer to your #1 is that SD card’s only have a limited read/write so some people like to store logs and swap file off the SD card to prolong the life of the SD card. I have a bunch of 8GB cards that I have no other use for so I just throw them out and use a new one when they give me issues (they are low quality to begin with). I can definitely see trying to save some life on a 128GB+ SD card though.


@ats1080s is right, I prefer having my logs, or any other file often accessed, on my SD card. Particularly if they can grow without control.

@bestes, for the #2, I understand what you mean, but I’d like to have the possibility to choose the moment I reboot. A simple “press any key to reboot and continue the installation” could be fine, better than crashing a compilation because I didn’t think that it may be longer than the myDevices install.
When you upgrade some debian (or raspbian) package, you have this kind of stops, particularly when the .conf is changed. No one is disturbed with it.