Using Esp8266 as micro with cayenne and arduino as secondary micro

is it posible? using esp8266 as microcontroller and at the same time as wifi shield for arduino mega
i mean use both as arduino, and sharing wifi conection

Short answer, no.

If you use it as a shield, Cayenne expects it to have AT firmware and it is setup to send all serial data to port 1883 of the Cayenne server.

You could try shutting down the connection, open a different connection, and go back, but then it gets really complicated.

You could create an Arduino sketch for the ESP that handles the open, send, amd close of the ports, and create a simple serial protocol from your main Arduino to send data and respond to any data received.

So, no, not with any solution currently existing, but you could make it so.




I was expecting the “no”, but thanks for the confirmation :smile:

If it’s something you need, ypu make it work.

Might be better to run more than one. However, Cayenne won’t work with SoftwareSerial. Megas have lots of hardware serial ports.