Web Dashboard in Android


Is anyone able to pull up the web dashboard from a mobile device? I’m not sure how the site recognizes that I’m on a mobile browser, but I’ve tired several “tricks” to convince it otherwise. I forced the device type to desktop and tried some different browsers with no luck.


I have been able to get my Nexus 7 to open the desktop webpage as long as I have it in the landscape orientation. In vertical orientation it defaults to the get your app/android coming soon page. I didn’t do anything to spoof it, just worked.



I thought I was loosing my mind if it was that easy, but it doesn’t work on my LG G2, it may be the size of the display.


Not sure what the threshold is, but I’m guessing the Nexus just barely made it.
Nexus 7 1920 x 1200
LG G2 1920 x 1080