I am Thomas aka Dr.K.
I am a biologist with some background in programming. My special interest in mydevices is to use rpi and mydevices for enviromental and /or private projects. That includes collecting and sharing biophysical data aquarired by sensors (temperature, humidity, salinity, pH, etc) to use these data to activate actuators/pumps/lights (LED) etc. to simulate real time enviromental conditions.

I got a rpi with webipi (latest version) and lot of sensors (+pca9685) setup already. Hardware and software is up and running,

I was wondering if one can install cayenne on top of a current and working installation of webiopi or if that can lead to any mayor issues. Or is a new/fresh installation recommended?!.


It will overwrite your config file, but you can install over a current WebIOPi install. Best thing is to just use a fresh SD card.


Hi Dr. K,

Welcome to the team! Your projects sound perfect for Cayenne. We are coming out with a History Graph that will allow you to store lots of data, and also coming out with a Triggers & Alerts feature that will enable you to create logic that activates actuators. Would be great if you could show Cayenne working with your projects once we get these features out.

As Adam said, yes, it’s best to just use a clean SD Card, since myDevices Cayenne uses a modified version of WebIOPi. Post to the forum if you run into any issues!



thanks so much , I will use a fresh SD card

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