When is Accelerometer data actually movement?


The data below is from stationary TTN Nodes running Cayenne LPP sketches

So these devices never moved

I did some random slow moving and/or rapid shaking with one device

this runs sketch code: (I am not a sketch guru, just copy paste code)

float x,y,z;

and got:

But at what thresholds do I really know the device moved?

addition: This runs the sketch https://github.com/ch2i/arduino-node-lib/blob/master/examples/BatteryMonitorLPP/BatteryMonitorLPP.ino
with accelerometer added


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Unfortunately accelerometers only measure acceleration. If the device is moved slowly it will not pick up any “movement”. My suggestion would be to do as you did and run some tests then figure out some thresholds. Here is some more info on how they work https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerometer